I know this is horrifically late, but I made one of these for the science side of tumblr!

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it’s very out of the blue but i want to make a Moomin themed zine as some sort of small side proyect since the idea seems cute to me, and i would like to include other people’s art to make it even better.

that’s all i want. to make a cute zine. it will later be available for free download so there’s not gonna be any money involved! (since money is not the point of it), it’s just a ‘have fun and get your cool art on a silly zine’ proyect. 

if you’re interested message me at  lemonteaflower@gmail.com and show me some of your art (or link your blog),  if we’re mutuals just tell me if you want to jump in and i’ll give you a spot asap. :3






I actually had to hold back tears man, woah idk why it hit me the way it dis

Don’t be discouraged

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gdi i want to draw so bad but then on the other hand there’s homework


'The Head and the Heart' - or - 'If rule 63'ing everything is wrong I don't wanna be right'

It occurred to me that Lady Bones would totally have a mom haircut (i.e. not much different from the canon cut) and now I can’t imagine her any other way.

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you can insult me however you like but don’t you ever dare call me a gryffindor


who you are in high school is not who you will be in college and who you are in college is not who you will be when you are 30.

when you accept that you are malleable and ever-changing, you will be less resistant to new ways of thinking and being and you will grow into the beautiful person you are meant to become.

resist the urge to remain stagnant. there are always things to learn about the world and yourself. let yourself learn them.

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I asked my roommate what she would wish for if she were a magical girl in Madoka, and then this wonderful mess poured out of her mouth.

sirfredrickoftrottingham whispered: but if you RariJack, then you can TwiDash at the same time! and that means they can go on a double date!

You indeed make a very good point my friend.


Today’s graphic looks at the 20 common amino acids that are combined to make up the proteins in our bodies. It also gives the three-letter and one-letter codes for each, as well as denoting whether they are ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’.

Read more information & grab the PDF here: http://wp.me/p4aPLT-tu

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i was invited to participate in berlynn-wohl's seattle fandom jam even tho i’m not in seattle hehehe so they sent me some prompts to pick from

this one was from dejectedarr, “One of them is turned into a cat and is not happy about it.” but of course i’m shitty and had to cheat and do both

thank you berlynn for putting it all together and sending me prompts and also to belladonnaq for inviting me!!